In charge of social media

I’m In Charge Of Social Media! Now What?

Let me guess. Last person to raise their hand has to be in charge or social media.

Or maybe you’re the youngest person in the office, so you’re stuck managing your social media accounts.

So now what? What should you do?

This is the exact conversation I had with a friend last week. So I’m writing this post for him and also anybody who’s now in charge of their organization’s social media.

#1 What’s your organization’s goal?

Before you even get started you need to know what the goal of using social media is for your organization.

Is it to drive traffic to your website? Is it to increase the number of calls?

You may need to clarify this with your boss. If you are the boss, then it is important for you to identify the reason why you want to get social.

You need to understand why you’re evening going to spend time online.

Social media campaigns can easily take you around in circles if you’re unclear about your objectives. What seemed like 15 minutes writing a post may actually end up being an hour or more.

#2 Research just enough to get going

You don’t need to know everything.

On the contrary, you can sometimes use research as a method of procrastination. I recommend putting your learning on high gear.

Find at least 5 books on social media and just skim them. In order to find the best books, I would recommend going to and typing in Social Media and then adjust based on customer reviews. Alternatively, you can search “top 10 Social Media books” in Google and find a few ebooks that are mentioned several times on different lists.

Also, spend at least a few hours reading a few blog posts. There are a lot of great blogs out there.

Here are some of my favorites:

Again, just don’t get stuck researching.

#3 Learn some basic copywriting

I believe writing great social media copy is a skill that is often forgotten.

But great copywriting is really important. Besides using proper grammar, you should be able to write in a way that attracts your target audience.

To be honest, social media marketing isn’t very different from traditional direct sales marketing.

Here is a great checklist to get you started.’ts.pdf

Also CopyBlogger is a great blog to learn more about copywriting.

#4 Learn some basic graphic design

A lot of your social media work will include graphics.


Because it’s been proven that posts with graphics have more engagement than plain text.

If you are familiar with Photoshop you’ll be set to go but if you don’t know how to use Photoshop then you can use PicMonkey to create some great graphics for your social media accounts.

Once you learn this skill, you’ll realize that it’s a lot easier than you thought it was going to be.

#5 Use some social media tools

Instead of posting directly on your social media sites you can use third party apps. My favorite app is Buffer App.

Buffer App is an application that you can use to schedule posts and gather analytics (crucial for running a social media campaign). It saves you time by being able to see all your social media sites on one login screen. There’s  a lot you can do with the free features.

I especially love this tool to preset my twitter.


Learning new things can be intimidating but learning but once you start getting the hang of running a social media accounts, you’ll be able to engage your target audience with ease.