How to Be Happier

How to be happier in 2014

Happiness is pretty straightforward.

When the reality of something is better than you expected, then you’re happy.

You’re not happy, when your expectation is higher than your reality.

How To Be Happier

For example, if I tell you that Bob’s Restaurant is just “good” but then you visit, and it’s “great” then you are going to be happy.

On the flipside, if I tell you that Bob’s Restaurant is has “great” food, but you show up and find out that it’s just “good” then you’re more likely to be unhappy.

Does this mean you should have no expectations whatsoever. No, it doesn’t. It means you have to have realistic expectations. Realistic expectations are sensible and practical ideas of what can be achieved.

For example, when I first started my business, I seriously thought that I was going to become rich immediately. Three months into it and I was just making enough to pay the bills and stressed out of my mind because I had placed unreasonable expectations on myself.

So as you begin this New Year, think of ways that you can set realistic goals that you can achieve and even exceed.

Here are some of mine.

  • Be grateful for 5 things each day
  • Set my priorities for the day
  • Pray once a day

Again, these are very simple and realistic goals that I know I can achieve and exceed.

What are some resolutions you will be making in 2014?