5 Ways Most Businesses are Wasting Time On Social Media

The truth is that most businesses aren’t making any money off of social media. On the contrary, most businesses are wasting time on social media. According to the great Einstein, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So here are some of the most common insane social media practices and some advice on how to change for the better.

1. Generating Meaningless Engagement
I have often heard “social media experts” say that the goal of social media is to simply generate engagement, and while I agree to certain extent, I think businesses spend too much time generating meaningless engagement.

For example, why should a dentist be posting about the latest Harry Potter movie? Especially, if there is no way of tying it back to the business? Just to “generate engagement?”

Instead of wasting time trying to generate meaningless engagement, businesses should spend time creating articles, videos and inforgraphics. Then try to generate meaningful engagement around that relevant content.

In the end, your goal is to create clients off of social media, not just buddies.

2. Ignoring Automation
Time is too valuable to be sitting in front of the computer checking every minute to see if someone “liked” or “retweed” your link. Instead, I recommend that businesses use tools like Ho

otsuite or Buffer App to preset their social media posts in advance. Actually, I recommend that businesses preset their posts, at least a week in advance.

The main obejection to this tip, is that that businesses want to post timely information, and I agree but 9 out of 10 times presetting still works. Yes, preseting posts requires planning in advance, but in the long-run it will payoff. Especially, when your not stuck on Facebook every single day.

3. Not Having Any GoalsI often ask business owners what their social media goals are, and then I get blank stares. If you want to fail horribly, then don’t have any goals. Instead of taking a laissez-faire approach, I recommend businesses create simple goals like: increasing sales by 10%, increasing email subscribers, referrals. From there businesses should put into place tools to measure that growth, like analytics or a simple spreadsheet.

4. Targeting Everybody

A man who trims himself to suit everybody will soon whittle himself away

If not everybody is your ideal client offline, the same is true online. I see a lot of small businesses wasting time tryimg to reach everyone with a

Facebook profile. On the contrary, I think businesses should anaylze who their ideal client is and then market to that specific audience online.

5. Dabbling on Too Many So

cial Networks

Most small business owners feel overwelmed with social media because it seems like every week there is a new social sharing site. My advice… who cares how many social networks there are. In the beginning, just focus on one or two. Once you got the hang of those networks, then begin to exp

and on to other networks. Keep in mind that every social network has it’s own community associated with it, and that community might not be a right fit.

Final Thoughts

In order to be successful you will have to be consistent and work to create an effective social media strategy. If you start by cutting out some of these insane practices, you’ll be on your way to creating one heck of a social media strategy.