How to Learn Anything

How to Learn Anything

I’ll admit it, I love to learn. I guess I’m one of those weird guys who thinks learning new things are fun. So if you’re like me, and you’re looking for ways to learn new things, here’s how I go about learning doing it. #1 Research the Basics Learning something new requires research. It’s the [...]

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QR Codes

Are QR Codes Worthless Or Effective?

Most technological breakthroughs has been tested thoroughly that by the time it’s released to the market for consumers, the risk of failure is relatively low. In some cases, even with all the research behind a product, it just doesn’t catch on. An example of this is QR codes. Every time this happens, it is a [...]

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Don’t Be Misled By Open Rates

Email campaigns can be difficult to get right. Website owners who achieve high open rates are not necessarily in the clear. We all know that in the conversion process, opening the email is just half of the equation. The reader has to engage the content and click on the link to your website, which hopefully [...]

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In charge of social media

I’m In Charge Of Social Media! Now What?

Let me guess. Last person to raise their hand has to be in charge or social media. Or maybe you’re the youngest person in the office, so you’re stuck managing your social media accounts. So now what? What should you do? This is the exact conversation I had with a friend last week. So I’m [...]

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How to Be Happier

How to be happier in 2014

Happiness is pretty straightforward. When the reality of something is better than you expected, then you’re happy. You’re not happy, when your expectation is higher than your reality. For example, if I tell you that Bob’s Restaurant is just “good” but then you visit, and it’s “great” then you are going to be happy. On [...]

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4 simple steps to eliminating a bad habit.

4 simple steps to eliminating a bad habit

On January 1st, most people will be setting resolutions. But why wait? Why not start today? You see about three weeks ago I decided to start making some small changes in my life. Ever since I was in college, I became addicted to Diet Mt. Dew. At first it was just something that kept me [...]

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Starting a Bucket List

I’m starting a bucket list

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you know that I mostly write about online marketing. And I really like to write about that, but I feel like online marketing is just one of the many aspects of my life. So in the next couple of months, I’m going to shift from [...]

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Social Media

How to get the most out of social media?

Yes, I love it when people retweet my posts, or like my status on LinkedIn, but that is not my only goal. Social media is fun, but I want it to do more. I want it to generate leads and sales. If you’re looking for a new way to reach your target audience through social [...]

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What is the Future of Online Marketing?

What is the future of online marketing?

Last week I had a talk with internet marketing friends about internet milestones. The question, “What is the future of online marketing?” came up. This is how I answered that question. 8 years ago most people didn’t talk about spending a weekend at home watching countless hours of their favorite TV shows on Netflix. 8 [...]

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5 Marketing Lessons from My Trip to New York City

5 marketing lessons from my trip to New York City

I grew up in a small town of like 2000 people so going to New York City was a big deal. New York City is one of those places that you constantly see in movies and TV shows and I was pretty excited to visit. I honestly didn’t sleep the night before. I was up making [...]

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