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Are QR Codes Worthless Or Effective?

social media marketing

Most technological breakthroughs has been tested thoroughly that by the time it’s released to the market for consumers, the risk of failure is relatively low. In some cases, even with all the research behind a product, it just doesn’t catch on. An example of this is QR codes. Every time this happens, it is a [...]

Don’t Be Misled By Open Rates

email open rates

Email campaigns can be difficult to get right. Website owners who achieve high open rates are not necessarily in the clear. We all know that in the conversion process, opening the email is just half of the equation. The reader has to engage the content and click on the link to your website, which hopefully [...]

I’m In Charge Of Social Media! Now What?

How to Run Social Media

Let me guess. Last person to raise their hand has to be in charge or social media. Or maybe you’re the youngest person in the office, so you’re stuck managing your social media accounts. So now what? What should you do? This is the exact conversation I had with a friend last week. So I’m [...]